Foreign Aid and Agriculture in Haitide Pierre-Ricardo Jean-Baptiste |

Foreign Aid and Agriculture in Haiti

Development aid effectiveness is a controversial issue that has been the subject of heated debates. After Haiti received a major hit by the earthquake that occurred in 2010, many developed countries as well as developing ones to provide their support. International Organizations and donors jointed together in the objective to help a nation that was struggling even before the earthquake. The US has been for long the greatest provider of development aid to Haiti, and during the earthquake it still remained the same. Among the various projects that sought to recover and rebuild the country, the US via USAID had implemented project in different sector in the hope to improve Haitian citizens’ standard living conditions. Agriculture, being a very important field, had received some attention, and had specific funds to develop the sector. This paper examines the relationship that exists between the funds invested in those programs with human development. To measure human development, the study considers some key indicators such as health, agricultural productivity, GDP, remittances, and employment. The study use data collected from World Development Indicators, CIA World Factbook, USAID, and Human Development Index. After analyzing the data, the paper comes to the conclusion that aid development does not help much the human development index to be better in the country. Most of the indicators used in the study do not improve with the implementation of the USAID agricultural projects. However, the study concludes that the analysis was made on a macro level, and ignores whether the results would be different at a micro level.
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Auteur: Pierre-Ricardo Jean-Baptiste |
Date: 20 Mai 2022
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