German NGOs and Post-Earthquake Relief in Haiti : Analyzing Development Impactsde Johny Hilaire|

German NGOs and Post-Earthquake Relief in Haiti : Analyzing Development Impacts

This study explored the accountability mechanisms and the degree of transparency of German NGOs for their projects performed in Haiti from 2010 until 2018. While examining to whom, for what, and how German NGOs were accountable during this period, the research investigated German NGOs´ level of aid effectiveness and developmental impacts since Germany was among those parties which ratified the Paris Agreement on aid effectiveness, and German NGOs received significant donations from the German official aid development to implement projects worldwide, especially in Haiti. During the past decade, accountability demands from NGOs have significantly increased due to frequent financial and ethical scandals occurring in the nonprofit sector. Taking an adapted stakeholder theory approach, this study developed an understandable view of the accountability relationship for improving NGOs aid effectiveness and developmental impacts in Haiti. In exploring the accountability procedures of three German NGOs, the study examined the important role public policy can play in strengthening the accountability and transparency practices of German NGOs. The study found that German NGOs are strongly accountable to donors and governments, but weakly accountable to beneficiaries, and German NGOs level of aid effectiveness and developmental impacts are very low in Haiti. The researcher examined how government can influence the accountability relationship of said NGOs by understanding the accountability process and develop policies to defend the beneficiaries who are the NGOs weakest stakeholder. The government could develop enforcement policies by requiring that NGOs regularly provide detailed reports to beneficiaries and publish the same reports sent to government and donors on the NGOs’ website. The study gives some policy recommendations to government, donors, and NGOs on how they could improve accountability to beneficiaries so that aid effectiveness and developmental impact could be enhanced.
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Rubrique: Mémoire/Travaux
Auteur: Johny Hilaire |
Date: 5 Avril 2021
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